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Valuation & Advisory Services

As rapidly increasing globalization and connectivity continue to reshape the market-place, clients need specialized and professional valuation services to evaluate the impact of real estate on financial decisions. Our Valuation and Advisory Services unit is known to deliver high-quality, consistent market leading valuations. LEAD Consulting is at the forefront in providing accurate, reliable and timely valuations critical to the success of every real estate transaction or financing.

Environmental Impact Survey, Valuation, & Compensation

We offer our expertise to craft comprehensive solutions to difficult Socio-cultural, Environmental, and Agriculture challenges, by conducting environmental impacts studies, assess and value the quantum of damage, and negotiate fair compensations for clients by observing best practices in the profession.

Real Investment Advisory

We aid our clients comprehensively right from the vetting of the property to advise on ‘Before-you-Sell/ Before-You-Buy’ Valuations through to the completion of sale and execution of sale documents.

Property/Facility Management

Our full property management service includes all elements of the letting process. This includes marketing your property, finding the right tenants, maintaining the property and collection of rents. Providing a comprehensive range of essential facilities management services, we are your solution for all your facility’s needs. We deliver and manage a service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Feasibility & Viability Study

When considering and planning a potential project, you need to base your decisions on accurate information. Our feasibility study services will help you determine the viability of your project.

Property Inventory & Audit

With our technology-driven firm by your side, you do not need to worry about your property inventorying and auditing. We have the technology and skills to get the job done beyond your expectations.

Land/Title Search, Registration and Documentation

Before you consummate any landed property transaction, it is advisable to call registered Estate Surveyors and Valuers to conduct all necessary due diligence on the property, and get a clean of bill of health on such property. After your decision to purchase, registering the title and perfecting of all necessary documents is a task to be done. LEAD Consulting is ready to help in that regard.

Urban Planning & Housing Market Analysis

As a multi-skilled consulting firm, we have experts in all areas of planning and deliver a comprehensive range of planning and complementary services nationally for the private and public sectors.

Asset Inventory & Audit

LEAD Consulting’s teams of trained and experienced surveyors capture every asset at every location by use of handheld barcode scanners or RFID readers or mobile data collection (MDC) apps or eQuip! Mobile Asset Manager. Each asset is scanned by a surveyor and the asset information logged into a database. If assets to be inventoried and audited do not have barcode, we can use mobile data collection app to collect micro and macro information of the assets, and produce barcode for each of the assets

Every asset is flagged with its existing location, as well as any additional information that is needed, such as make, model, serial number, room, row, rack, etc. Our teams travel to each asset location to be sure we account for all your equipment. We want to make sure you know where all your assets are located, also produce maps for spatial distribution of your asset with their details.  Some our services on asset inventory and audit are:

  • Asset Photos, Documents, Videos, Voice Notes
  • Track by Person
  • Purchase/Lease Information
  • Service Contract Information/Expiration Date
  • List and Pick Lists
  • Parent Child Relationships/Grouping
  • Automated Change History per Asset
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Asset Photo Tagging

Socio-Demographic and Economic Survey (SDES)

Population numbers at local levels are fundamental data for many applications, including the delivery and planning of services, election preparation, and response to disasters. In resource-poor settings, recent and reliable demographic data at subnational scales can often be lacking. National population and housing census data can be outdated, inaccurate, or missing key groups or areas, while registry data are generally lacking or incomplete.

Therefore, there is always a need to carry our socio-demographic and economic survey for various purposes. LEAD Consulting is a leading firm in SDES because of its deep experience and skills in the application of GIS, Remote Sensing to survey and enumeration. Our team has conducted various surveys among which are Demographic Survey for Potential Subscribers for IPNX network, Farmer Demographic Survey in Three Selected States in Nigeria. Some of our services on SDES are:

In-depth Interviews

Survey Design & Analysis

Segmentation Analysis

Geostatistical Analysis

Real Estate Market Survey


Property & Facility Mapping

We execute and supervise GPS mapping such as facility mapping, road and route mapping, farm and property mapping etc. using very recent and high-end GPS and mobile handheld devices by our competent and experienced technical staff. We have mapped some properties on Lagos Island for valuation purpose.

Land Information Management

Industrialization and urbanization are two most important foundations for the growth of a robust economy. This growth needs to be tapped in systematic and synchronized manner so as to ensure a steady economic growth. While industrialization requires judicious management of resources for raw material, energy and land demands; urbanization requires availability of clean air and water, land and well-connected road and communication networks. A detailed information about the land can not only help in management of land resources but can also be highly useful during a catastrophe.

This crucial task of information analysis and management can be accomplished by the use of remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) services that are provided by LEAD Consulting. We offer the following services for Land Information Management:

Urban Sprawl Analysis and Management

Land Use and Land cover mapping

Geodatabase for Land Reform

Land Suitability Analysis

Land Record Management

Land and Property Assessment

Smart City Planning

The GIS experts at LEAD Consulting use high end software such as ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine/ER Mapper, MapInfo and AutoCAD Map, and QGIS to assist our customers in making informed decisions.

Asset/Utility Mapping

LEAD Consulting can provide the surveying required to map new or existing utilities. Examples of utility surveys include surveying right of ways for power, oil, natural gas, sanitary sewer and water transmission lines. Our experts can also provide as-built utility maps for project planning purpose.

Right of Way (ROW) Mapping, Valuation & Acquisition

LEAD Consulting delivers a myriad of professional services to help build the infrastructure needed for a developing nation, like Nigeria. Taking into consideration all the pipelines, electric transmission lines, new highways, water facilities, and other capital projects needed for our society, LEAD Consulting’s professional services are germane to solving your right-of-way challenges.

LEAD Consulting is good at processes of acquiring property interests for capital projects. Acquiring real property interests involves land title, valuation, descriptions, conditions, and much more details. But, most importantly, it involves people. Our strategy is to quickly build rapport and understanding with our clients, with subconsultants, and with those affected by a project. The interests we acquire might include permanent easements for project structures or needs, access easements, temporary work easements, fee title (ownership of all rights), permits, and other rights. We offer the following services for Right-of-Way:


Line List Preparation

Route Selection

Tittle Search

GIS & Mapping


Business Geographic

A start-up venture or an established business often requires support in managing the large amounts of data. This data if utilized to its full potential can be immensely helpful in the growth of the company. With the modernization and advancement in technology many tools such as GIS can help in accomplishing an array of tasks such as marketing, site selection, survey and data management. The spatial data management and analysis can help in better strategic marketing and management of any business vertical. Business geographic can assist in monitoring of the prelaunch and launch of a product by giving insights about market penetration, product reception and sale analysis. LEAD Consulting can provide following business geographic services:

Geospatial Data Analysis and Management

Geocoded Market Survey and Analysis

Spatial Data Analysis for Strategic Planning

Thematic Maps for Gap and Distribution Analysis

Natural Resource Management

Management of natural resources is the need of the hour and therefore commands due importance in the GIS, CAD and Software industry as well. The technical specifications of geographic information system (GIS) and computer aided designing and drafting services assist in management of natural resources. The GIS for Natural Resource Management maps are useful tool that help in fast and effective decision making as they create comprehensive maps.

GIS Consultancy

Our GIS Consultancy services are based on entire life cycle experience from initial scoping through to solution design, procurement & implementation. We’ve executed projects for both private & public. Our services include the following:

Needs Assessment

Project Planning

Retail Location Analysis

Community Analysis and Mapping

Setting of GIS Department in your Organization

Environmental Analysis and Mapping

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